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Some Ways to Keep Your Spray Booth good

Some Ways to Keep Your Spray Booth good

Spray paint booths are designed to keep dirt and moisture away from the sensitive spray or paint processes inside. Here introduce a few maintenance tips that can significantly extend the lifespan of a spray booth and reduce the risk of contamination.
1. The staffs who need to use a spray booth should be trained to maintain hygienic practices throughout their activities. Only a limited number of people who need to operate spray and finish applications can enter the booth. Other employee should not be allowed to enter the booth casually.
2. The paint booth needs to be cleaned regularly, maintenance requirements time as per the different type of spray booth. Our company Guangli will help to offer our clients determine an effective cleaning and maintenance schedule.
3. Each spray paint booth has a filtration system to maintain a safe environment inside. Employees need to understand the properties and limitations of their filtration system so they can maintain it correctly. If the filters did not be exchanged for a very long time that can put staffs in danger and result to surface contamination during spray or finish operating.
Above are some ways to keep your spray booth clean and maintain good.

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