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Spray booths system for auto body shops

Spray booths system for auto body shops

For the best and fast repair the collision cars, Guangli design the paint spray booths system for auto body shops. The spray booths system including putty,primer,masking,top coating,painting and baking booths. high-quality combined stations including either complete or sectional vertical ventilation during the paint spraying operation. Aforementioned system has proved highly effective on the market thanks to the particularly high energy savings it achieves.
On customer request, we may also implement conveyor technique, lifting platforms or paint application technique in your combined paint spraying and drying booth system. In addition, we deliver ventilation components and other equipment for paint mixing or paint storage rooms.

Thanks to the following characteristics large energy saving effects can be realized with our fast repair paint spraying systems: Being equipped with different function stations step by step operation. The control is performed via different systems can be individual control. Call us to find the perfect solution for your auto body shops now!

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